Altered Book Round Robin

The Altered book round robin is to finish this month, so all nine artists will have their original book returned to them at the end of the nine months of the project. The books will then go to Hereford City Museum and art gallery to be exhibited as part of Hereford Art Week.

The final book in this project and the title of Veroniques’ book is Alan Titchmarsh’s Avant–gardening , A guide to one-upmanship in the garden. I was not inspired by the book or its title and decided to take the subject of gardening¬† and try to create an image of my garden. The four double pages of my section were completely painted over in gouache and acrylic paint to reflect the colours from my garden. Each page was allowed to dry and eventually I proceeded to tear and collage, making just one single double page. I then worked back into the image with pencil. The result is a rather abstract impression of my garden in high summer…rather aesthetically pleasing to my eye.