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I work continually in Art Journals and  sketchbooks, which helps me to bring order to chaotic ideas  – and build up a memory bank of holding   unused ideas

book arts

As I set out for Lyonnesse

As I set out for LyonesseMy book is an ongoing visual journal containing the experience and memories of an annual pilgrimage to the Scillies – the islands separated from Cornwall by the drowned landscape of Lyonnesse.

The journey into the book starts by entering and viewing the stained glass panel from inside the blue box.

A companion box containing a seabird skeleton carried from the seashore, is an indicator of life cycles and the frailties of life.

Some pages were prepared with colour before leaving home, remembering past visits, whilst a few pages await a future journey.

Images and words on the pages record the patterns, colours and observations experienced when walking on the islands and the attachments are treasures found along the way.

Book Arts  –Looking Back

Looking Back

Looking back- altered book

This altered book now has a concertina format containing an echo from the past, a repeated haunting image of a young girl who worked in the noxious environment of a factory in the early 20th century.

The original book, discarded by Hereford City library was deconstructed as I had planned to select and re-introduce fragments of the images back onto the individual pages, using a copying machine.

Unintentionally, the memory of the copying machine, by chance, produced the constant image of the factory girl staring out at us.

Book Arts Competition 2010

My work is concerned with memory and recently, I have been attempting to represent how memory is linked, stored and organised.

For this competition, I have carved into discarded books from Hereford Library in order to explore the books hidden memory. Nothing has been added, but fragments of pages have been removed and sometimes sections have been folded, exposing new relationships and connections, enabling me to find new interpretations and hidden meanings.

These altered books displayed as small stage sets, are in a sense a metaphor for my ideas about memory as pockets and layers of reforming information.

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