Regenerator 2 Altered Bpook Project

I managed to meet the deadline for Regenerator 2 Altered Book Project, which was initiated by Sarah Bodman at the Universty of the West of England  in Newport.  Artists working with BookArt were invited to choose a book from a list of library discards and make a reconfigured / altered book from it. The books have been returned and will go into the special collection area for students to handle and hopefully be inspired by. My book was entitled Silver by Margaret Holland.

My book for Regenerator 2 was not chosen, but was the last book remaining one on the list and I was pleased to find lavish images of silver vessels and other objects within the pages.  I have carved into Silver by Margaret Holland in order to explore the books’ hidden memory. Nothing has been added, but fragments of pages have been removed and sometimes sections have been folded, repositioned or reformed in some way, exposing new relationships and connections, enabling the viewer to find new interpretations and hidden meanings.

This altered book is the 5th that I have altered in this way and the series is intended to be displayed as small stage sets, which are in a sense, a metaphor for my ideas about memory as pockets and layers of reforming and modified information.

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