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I am so fortunate to have my studio  in the garden of my home in Ledbury. The importance of space to work cannot be over emphasised for any artist – a place to think and develop ideas as well as making finished pieces. Although Life and Community feeds our art, we usually need a place that is ours alone as a retreat, as well as a workshop.  After spending time in the studio making work, we may see the world and situations differently…….a shift of focus that comes from expressing what we feel.

For many years, my paintings, collages and prints were visual memories, relating to the shifting moods and atmosphere experienced when visiting ancient buildings and sacred places in the landscape that are somehow set apart.    The paintings were made from memory, reflecting the season in which they were painted.

More recently my work has focused sharply on ideas around memory –  how memories are stored, linked, modified and organised.

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  1. Really inspiring work, thank you. I purchased your first book of May Hill and also the associated cards whilst visiting friends in Ross-on-Wye a few years ago. The colourful images are truly delightful and bring back many happy memories of my sister and I riding horses over May Hill when we were young. (We rode with Marion Gurney, we were known as Ann and Janet Fisher then). As a avid Time Team watcher I am looking forward to your next work about Herefordshire churches. Would you put me on your email list please? Regards, Ann Robinson, Torquay, Australia.

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