Reminiscence Book – about activities in Elderly care.

Time to Remember – Introducing Reminiscence and Art activities into Elderly care

During my employment by the Royal forest of Dean College, when I brought opportunities for Art and reminiscence activities to older people in care homes and centres, I produced a user friendly book, for care assistants and others working in the field. I was able to draw on my earlier experience as a trained nurse, to plan and co-ordinate age appropriate activities for all who do this important work and those they care for. The book has been available via mail order catalogues etc.  but is now available via this website on the Reminiscence book page.

One thought on “Reminiscence Book – about activities in Elderly care.”

  1. Interesting book and sounds helpful too. It would at least help make senior life for others fun and enjoyable. Thanks for sharing based on your experiences, for sure it is reliable information.

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