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I am so fortunate to have my studio  in the garden of my home in Ledbury. The importance of space to work cannot be over emphasised for any artist – a place to think and develop ideas as well as making finished pieces. Although Life and Community feeds our art, we usually need a place that is ours alone as a retreat, as well as a workshop.  After spending time in the studio making work, we may see the world and situations differently…….a shift of focus that comes from expressing what we feel.

For many years, my paintings, collages and prints were visual memories, relating to the shifting moods and atmosphere experienced when visiting ancient buildings and sacred places in the landscape that are somehow set apart.    The paintings were made from memory, reflecting the season in which they were painted.


More recently my work has focused sharply on ideas around memory –  how memories are stored, linked, modified and organised.

Recent paintings relating to walks around the Malvern Hills

Those of us who live and work in Ledbury are fortunate to be able to walk into remarkably varied countryside to feed our creativity and raise our spirit. We can climb onto Dog Hill and then up onto Bradwell Knoll where John Masefield walked as a boy. We can walk along Marcle Ridge to the East, glimpsing a patchwork of fields or explore the paths to the South where the group known as the Dymock Poets, including Robert Frost and Edward Thomas walked and talked. The magnificent Malvern Hills are an ever present backdrop to our lives.

My concertina book and painted canvases are from a series of work about my walks. These paintings and book was my work submitted for the Bookarts exhibition for the Ledbury Poetry Festival 2018, at Weavers Gallery.





Book Arts Exhibition at The Master’s House, Ledbury


My contribution to the 2017 h’Art exhibition of work from Ledbury BookArts group is a collection of tiny drawings made in a subjective manner relating to people I have met over past years  presented in a grid in a concertina format. The venue is ‘The Panelled Room’ in a remarkable, recently restored medieval building in the centre of Ledbury. The exhibition runs during h’Art week 2017 until Sunday September 17th.2017

h’Art 2015

imgID37700569 (1)

Many thanks to all many visitors to my studio during h’Art week. I met so many interesting people including lots of fellow artists. This painting made in my garden earlier in the summer was propped up in the walkway through along with the large crow painting from last years event.

New edition of May Hill Book











The previous May Hill Book is out of print….well I have one copy here if anyone places an order soon.

A new edition is now available, with several extra pages and in the same smaller format as the Edward Thomas book and the Kilpeck book, which means the price will be £19.95 rather than the previous price of £29.95 The books are available from bookshops, galleries and my website. Please order using Paypal from the May Hill Book page, or email to arrange payment by cheque.

The paintings and drawings of the Hill and surrounding countryside are complimented by memories from May Hill people.