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The previous May Hill Book is out of print….well I have one copy here if anyone places an order soon.

A new edition is now available, with several extra pages and in the same smaller format as the Edward Thomas book and the Kilpeck book, which means the price will be £19.95 rather than the previous price of £29.95 The books are available from bookshops, galleries and my website. Please order using Paypal from the May Hill Book page, or email to arrange payment by cheque.

The paintings and drawings of the Hill and surrounding countryside are complimented by memories from May Hill people.

2 thoughts on “New edition of May Hill Book”

  1. Do you still have that single copy of the May Hill book still available, please? I already have the ‘four seasons’ much admired on my stairs.


    1. Hello Tim
      Yes I still have a single copy of the first edition and the remainder of the stock is the recent edition which has the smaller format of the the Edward Thomas book . I will email you so that you can deal with me directly or you can order through the website (Via the May Hill Book page – this is just a post) using paypal. Best wishes Valerie

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